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Hakeem Salam Arif Azeemi (son of Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi) 40+ years experience

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Roghane Gilo Subz Hair Oil

PKR 500

Roghane Gilo Subz hair oil

Suffering from Hairfall and Alopecia (Ganjpan)?

Roghane Gilo Subz cures Hairfall, Alopecia (Ganjpan), Dandruff, Rough, Thin, Splitting Hair


Results begin to show in 1 week

(Hair Regrowth in Alopecia patients can take 3-4 weeks)

Contains Natural Oils that help in curing Loss of Sleep, Depression/Anxiety & lowering Blood Pressure

For 55 years, thousands of people in Karachi have used Roghane Gilo Subz Hair Oil for curing hair problems like hairfall & alopecia with its original magically effective formula using 25 traditional hair herbs including Amla, Sikakai, Neem, Henna & 6 essential oils which include Almond, Lactuca, Sesame Seed oils.

We finish it using an ancient mystical technique of moonlight absorption in the oil, which gives it its unmatched healing power.

Traditional Pakistani Herbal Formula, 100% Natural.

Gilo Subz Organic Shampoo

PKR 350

Gilo Subz Organic Shampoo

Chemical shampoos damage hair.

Gilo Subz Organic Shampoo protects the hair cuticle and helps in reducing Hairfall.


Includes Extracts of the 25 Traditional Hair Herbs, 13 Real Fruits & Vegetables Including Watermelon, Papaya, Banana, Citrus, Cucumber, Carrot, Gourd (Loki), Soya; Rose Petals, Green Leaves & Dairies Including Real Yoghurt & Milk.

Gilo Subz Organic Shampoo came as a result of our effort to transfer the healing ability of our Gilo Subz Oil into a shampoo, which we do by adding the extracts of the 25 traditional hair herbs used in the Gilo Subz Oils, and by adding extracts of 13 Real Fruits & Vegetables, Rose Petals, Green Leaves, Dairies & Essential Oils.

Our Shampoo is mild, handmade, organic and reverses the damage caused by chemical shampoos, helping to reduce Hairfall.

Nature-based, 65% Organic Content, Mild, for All Ages

Gilo Subz Plus, value-added Roghane Gilo Subz

PKR 1000

New Packaging!

Gilo Subz PLUS

Lost Your Hair Because of Alopecia (Ganjpan)?

Indian-Pakistani Tradition has treatments for Alopecia for thousands of years.


With 25 Traditional Hair Herbs & 7 Natural Oils, we offer you our amazing Riwayati treatment.

Results will show in 4-5 weeks with regular use. Guaranteed.

Indian subcontinent has always had nature-based treatments for Alopecia (Ganjpan), with complex herb & oil based solutions for massage. We make a purely traditional formula with 25 hair herbs including Amla, Sikakai, Neem, Henna & 7 essential oils which include Almond, Lactuca, Sesame Seed oils, & our very special ingredient, the Egg Oil. In 55 years, we have hundreds of success stories in curing Alopecia without any chemicals or surgery. 

Traditional Pakistani Herbal Formula, 100% Natural.

Hairfall is a worrying problem, but we guarantee we can cure it with the help of our wonderful tradition – with results beginning to show in as early as 1 week.
The Azeemi Gilo Subz Ava uses 25 traditional hair herbs that have been used in our region for thousands of years, including Amla, Sikakai, Neem & Henna.....

اپنا اصل روایتی علاج

Gilo Subz Ava for Hairfall

PKR 2000

Gilo Subz ava

stops hairfall.

with results beginning to show in 1 week.


for shiny, strong, healthy hair



Our Best for Hairfall


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