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Into the Ingredients

why our line gets magical results

En Root to Great Hair

Alpha-keratin. That is what your beloved hair is made of. Now, what is keratin? Keratin is a fibrous protein; the basic constituent of hair and nails. Hence, you need sufficient production of good keratin to keep your hair thick, strong and flawless. Keratin production takes place inside hair roots where cells busy themselves in the generation of hair. The important thing here, these cells need the right materials, in healthy quantities to work properly and do the toil. For the ample production of keratin, these cells need vitamins and minerals. We include egg oil, myrobalans, amla, yoghurt and carrots which have nice hoards of the vitamins A, C, and K, biotin, and minerals such as selenium; all of which specifically target hair protein generation.

Getting Rough With Dandruff

There is a very pesky problem that every person (who has hair!) faces: dandruff. The major reason for dandruff and the resultant hairfall is the deposits of calcium-breakdowns. Reason: the accumulation starts to hinder the intake of oxygen and other nutrients by the hair. The rescuers: antioxidants. Herbs rich in the two top dogs quercetin and phyllantine namely white sandalwood, oak gall and common gourd are specially added to take care of that.

Anti-Radicalisation Measures

Is that a white hair? No, that must be light reflecting off. God, it is one! We've got good news for people who have gone through this traumatic situation. Look, premature greying is the result of free radicals; when these bad guys react with hair protein. You need something to clear them up. Selenium, other minerals, and vitamins deal with the issue for which we add amla, sikakai, coriander, and other natural detergents.

The Cute (-icle) Part

What everyone wants: nice, gleaming and manageable hair. What we want: the same. And we have some superheroes that do it. Cuticle is the outer-most layer covering hair which protects inner hair and locks in moisture. You need it absolutely damage-free. Again, our white knights the antioxidants come in handy. Specifically for your very cute cuticle we have added good old henna, muskroot, almond oil, and our ace cards in the shampoo formula tea and rose. These make sure that microbial growth on scalp is dealt with. Sources of saponins, which is a natural lather-making substance, such as capsicum and melons are also tagged on the shampoo recipe to ensure that your head is free of itch and worries.

Sealing The Deal

In the end, let us introduce the show-stoppers. For optimum absorption, an omega-3 rich substance needs to join the team because all the nutrients need to be absorbed well into the scalp and also circulated well across. That is why we cook it all up in sesame seed oil. It's how we make sure all the nutrients are infused in the mixture and are ready to go with all guns blazing!

 About Ingredients: What, Why and Wow!





dark colour  











egg, myrobalans

sikakai, myrobalans


henna, amla

oak gall, white sandalwood

almond oil

maidenhair fern, amla




melons and greens

yoghurt and carrot

capsicum and other greens

Ingredient and Role Breakdown

 In Oil Solution

 In Organic Shampoo

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