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Unwrapping The Gift Of Nature
Not Just A Tagline
Formulae That Pour In The Potions

If you consider nature to be a sweet, rotund lady who has a a hoard of magical salves for the sprains and the bruises, comes with which a toffee to stop the tears, then you're not too wrong.

We believe nature has the cure, come any problem. It just has it wrapped up, tucked somewhere neatly in her big wooden cabinet! We just find it, pick it, and mix it to a usable form and make sure you get your gift.

Yep, we do the best part: opening up
​the present!

When you switch to all-natural, organic solutions, that means your choice is of a way that is benign, sustainable and yields no unwanted effects. That's our way. Organic is clean, safe and sustainable and leaves you absolutely free of worries.

Congruently, to keep our formulae untarnished, we do not even add any artificial scents in our oils. Moreover, the eggs, that are an integral part in the oil formulation, are not the customary farm eggs, but are organic, desi brown eggs.

More importantly, our shampoo contains no harmful chemicals like sulphates and laureates in addition to the fact that we do not resort to the use of machines to complete our preparations.

Ensuring you get a product that is safe, natural and made with the love of hand!

Apart from the premium-quality natural ingredients that go in our products, our specialty lies in the unique and absolutely magical formulation of our product line. The fifty year old formula of Roghane Gilo Subz follows procedures of traditional Indian and Greek herbal treatments, coupled with the very unique moonlight illumination technique which reasons it to be a sheerly magical and a most effective mixture in treating hair ailments.

Keeping true to our values of all-natural, alternate procedures, Gilo Subz Organic Shampoo too follows a very innovative NutrientExtract distillation method which harnesses the goodness of the snappy natural ingredients together with keeping the balance and consistency of the formula.

Now, isn't that magical?

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