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Lost Your Hair Because of Alopecia (Ganjpan)?

Indian-Pakistani Tradition has treatments for Alopecia for thousands of years.


With 25 Traditional Hair Herbs & 7 Natural Oils, we offer you our amazing Riwayati treatment.

Results will show in 4-5 weeks with regular use. Guaranteed.

Gilo Subz Plus

SKU: 0006
  • Indian subcontinent has always had nature-based treatments for Alopecia (Ganjpan), with complex herb & oil based solutions for massage. We make a purely traditional formula with 25 hair herbs including Amla, Sikakai, Neem, Henna & 7 essential oils which include Almond, Lactuca, Sesame Seed oils, & our very special ingredient, the Egg Oil. In 55 years, we have hundreds of success stories in curing Alopecia without any chemicals or surgery. 

    Traditional Pakistani Herbal Formula, 100% Natural.


  • Sorry - no cash refunds, no exchange accepted yet.

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